Floating the River

One of Boise’s favored and beloved recreations, floating the Boise River is a fun activity for all. If you have your own flotation device, this pastime is completely free. It is a great way to cool off beneath the hot Boise sun in the summer (the river is always cold!). The main float begins at Barber Park and ends at Ann Morrison Park (approximately 2 hours). For a shorter float, there are also take-out points at River Quarry, Marden Bridge, and Julia Davis Park. You will float through downtown Boise, parks, and the greenbelt area. With just a few tiny rapids, this is a relaxing time with a small thrill here and there.

You can rent tubes and rafts from the Barber Park and you can also take advantage of the shuttle service. More more information click here Barber Park. You can also find information at the City of Boise here City of Boise.