Why We Live Near the Greenbelt

A post written by Chris and Laura…. (photo from Boise Parks and Rec)

We have purchased and sold 5 properties with Charles since we moved to Boise 17 years ago.  Our first was in West Boise and was wonderful, except that the commute to our jobs at BSU became more and more lengthy and tedious every year.  We wanted to be closer to our jobs at BSU; but also, the greenbelt, the river, and downtown Boise beckoned, so we moved to a location within a mile of all these.

That property also ended up with drawbacks, as new apartments were built nearby, and the neighborhood seemed to grow busier and noisier with every passing month.

We searched for a place that included quiet as a major quality; we found Harris Ranch – and we have fallen in love with it!   It is within easy walking distance of the river; the neighborhood is a quiet and safe place to walk at night; our neighbors are inclusive and welcoming; Idaho Shakespeare is easily reached on foot (even for a walker needing a cane); Alley parties help introduce us to our neighbors; we are still fairly close to downtown Boise and BSU.

Our favorite part of the Greenbelt system is the Bethine Church Trail.  We love its peaceful paths, and we see deer, mink, beaver, and fox regularly.  And last May we watched as a pair of Great Horned Owls raised three chicks in their nest in a tree not three paces from the path.  We (and many other regular visitors) watched every evening as the parents made regular trips to the nest and fed the voracious, fuzzy, spectacled kids.  We watched with bated breath (and cameras focusing), as the chicks made their first tentative moves up and down the tree, wings exercising furiously.  The first fledgling flight to another tree was greeted with ‘oohs,’ aahs,’ and something approaching a cheer.  And it was all too soon when we of the ‘Owl Watchers Club’ met at a deserted nest site – they had all flown.

As far as we are concerned, living near the greenbelt is as good as life gets!

Chris and Laura