Boise River Park – Even in the Winter…

Winter 3

If you haven’t been to the Whitewater Park, Phase I of the Boise River Park development, it’s a must see. Even if you don’t surf or kayak, it’s an amazing spot on the river to watch passionate Boiseans as well as out-of-towners ride the waves – even during the winter! Located between Fairview Avenue and Veteran’s Memorial Parkway Bridges on the Boise River off of Whitewater Park Boulevard, planning and fundraising for Phase II of the park is underway. The following information and photos are taken from

Whitewater Park Photos: 

Whitewater park Winter 2 Summer Summer 2

Phase II:

The next 1/2 mile of the Boise River Park, downstream from the new Harry W. Morrison Dam (which was once the Thurman Mill diversion – the structure responsible for the intermittent 36th Street Wave), will feature something for every one of nearly every age and skill level.

Three Phases

Easy Going (Reach I) – This section will feature protected wading areas, a habitat island, shore and fish habitat restoration, and a spectator overlook. Slow and mellow is the theme of the river for this area.

Reach I

Playful (Reach II) – Three waves of varying levels of difficulty will be the primary features in this area. The shoreline will be terraced boulders. The existing Farmer’s Union irrigation canal will flow under an amphitheater-style lawn for events and viewing.

Reach 2

River Runner (Reach III) – This area adds a little more excitement to the park. There is also easy access directly into and out of the river at this point, and a canal will connect the river to Veteran’s Pond for paddlers to head back up to the top of the park and repeat.

Reach 3

Info and photos were taken from To read more about the development, visit the site: Boise River Park.