Construction, Personal Engraved Pavers, and Rest along the Greenbelt

Is everyone tired of road closures and restrictions yet?  At least one of these road hazards will have a wonderful ending.  We will finally have the Greenbelt completed on both sides of the river. Main Street has been choked down to one lane but will open up to two lanes soon.  The two lane restriction will last until mid-March.  Fairview will stay at two lanes until early July. This section of the Greenbelt begins at Joe’s Crab Shack and will extend to Ann Morrison Park, approximately 4,900 feet of concrete path.  Completion is scheduled for September 2016.  A federal grant is covering 93% of the expected $2.3 million cost.

My Rotary club, Boise Metro, and two other local Rotary clubs have committed to providing a rest area along the way.  Boise Metro Rotary has a long history of providing rest along the greenbelt.  We have constructed 3 covered rest stops over the years.  The photos were taken by John Biggs, chair of our project.  It is a large undertaking for our 3 small clubs, we will be selling engraved pavers to help defray the cost. Save your pennies as you will be given the opportunity to purchase a brick or two.


IMG_3930 IMG_3925 IMG_3923 IMG_3911 IMG_3910 IMG_3905