Walks Along the River and Greenbelt History


Daily highs are getting above 50 and sometimes 60 degrees. Warmer weather is possibly on the way and not just a distant memory. Hopefully soon we can all get out for some great walks on the Greenbelt or hop on our bikes, which is what clients of mine like best about living close to the river and why they decided to purchase a home in River Run: 

Christine: I love it. Being so close that you can almost see it [the Greenbelt] from here, it’s so nice. Even to go for a walk in the afternoon. 

Danny: To go for a walk and take her [baby Layne] in the stroller just out to the golf course or to do a loop around Park Center Bridge and back. 

Christine: It’s perfect.

Here’s a little Greenbelt history for you, provided by the City of Boise (photo above is also from the City of Boise). To see the entire brochure, including a map of the Greenbelt Click Here.

History of the greenbelt