The River District on the Greenbelt – An Interview with Jessica

What do you love about the architecture? I love the architecture because it has an urban yet cozy feel. The homes are close enough but not too close, which gives you the “neighborly” feel, yet still provides enough privacy.

Why does the River District concept fit your lifestyle? The River District fits my lifestyle because it is perfectly located. Location, Location, Location. The best part of living in the River District is being on the Greenbelt, as it is very peaceful and allows for an active lifestyle. In addition to being on the Greenbelt, we are close to hiking trails, golf courses and ski resorts. And it’s a quick drive to The Village and downtown Boise.  

Describe your longest ride on the Greenbelt with friends. Last summer in July a group of us road from the River District to downtown Boise (about 10 miles each way). The weather was beautiful and it was a challenging bike ride. We grabbed at burger and beer downtown, so the ride home was a little more challenging.

Describe the “community” you have and why it meant so much being new to the area. I moved here from Northern California last summer and only knew a few people at that time. The people I’ve met in the River District welcomed me from day one. I was invited to social events even before I moved into the River District. It’s a great group of neighbors and we meet regularly for dinner, golfing, hiking, biking, skiing, happy hours, concerts, etc.

Do you mostly bike, walk or run?  I use to run a lot and do miss it terribly, but due to a neck injury I have learned to love biking. I enjoy walking on the Greenbelt to unwind after a long day, taking in the fresh air and nature.

What surprised you most about moving to Eagle? What do you love the most?  What surprised me most about moving to Eagle is how many people from California live here. What I love most about Eagle is the people have a good “work-life balance” and an active lifestyle.

The River District 2 The River District 3

Photos compliments of Elitharp Real Estate Group